[Openbox] How to make switching windows stuck in a workspace

So basically now once I use shortcuts for switching windows - it takes into consideration all the windows I open.
And I want to set it the way it jumps only inside one workspace that I am in.

Is it possible to do it?

P.S. as it said in the topic name i use openbox

Thank You
Kind regards.

What shortcut are you using to cycle through open applications?

The default one:
Super-Tab (in this case it also takes the window from another workspace)

Find this in the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml file:

    <keybind key="A-Tab">
      <action name="NextWindow">
          <action name="Focus"/>
          <action name="UnshadeRaise"/>

Change the allDesktops from β€œyes” to β€œno”

and restart openbox.

You can usually find what you need to know about openbox actions on this page - Openbox Actions


Works perfectly.
Thank You.

Issue is solved.