Openbox hangs on startup

I know this has been posted before, and I know a temporary solution but I don’t want to do it each time I start my pc, basically when I installed archlabs on my new ssd openbox froze (hang), what I did to solve it was to go into a different tty and kill tty1’s startx, but this is by no means a permenant solution and not something I want to do every time I start my pc, Any help?
I’ve had this issue before, I don’t remember how I fixed it at the time though.

@Zortex Which AL release are you currently using?

@Zortex, I’d be interested to see if this issue persists with the testing release, which you can download from the link below.

Have you tried any other WM’s/De’s and do they hang?


I have not, I will try the testing release


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Just out of interest to see if it continues on…if it does could it possibly be a hardware issue?

It could be, i dont know if i even have the proper drivers installed, this is a fresh install i was using windows before but then i had gotten another forced update which bricked my windows therefor making me want to use linux again

What is the machine you are using? Not a random brand?

I don’t know where that came from or how long ago but that’s not the testing release. Please follow @Dobbie03’s link given to you.

Edit. My bad. Disregard.

I built it myself, GTX 1070, Intel cpu (8600k iirc), 250gb ssd and 2tb hdd

Should be no issues. I’d give that testing release a shot, it’s stable, and see how you go.

If you go to get archlabs its the most recent release, and yes it’s not the testing release, currently making a usb with the testing release now

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If it is possible to reproduce this issue then the output of journalctl -u getty@tty1 might show exactly what has gone wrong.

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@Zortex Reading too many posts at once :joy: Please follow @Dobbie03’s link.

Yeah i did, just booting into the test release now.

EDIT: It seems openbox doesnt hang on the live usb anymore, thats a good sign i’d say

Another edit: (Sorry for derail) Since it seems its not hanging on the live usb im pretty sure it wont on the installed version either, One thing i was planning to to with my install was to have system be on my ssd and everything else like home be on my hdd, as i have almost no experience with gparted / other portioning software / what partitions archlab needs would you happen to have some sort of guide for this or something?


I missed that page when Smoke put out 2018.06, so you downloaded an older release. Sorry about that. Just updating it now.

It’s okay :slight_smile:


This is how I have my system setup, psvage from the BL forums many years ago linked me to a post at the Debian forums which helped me a lot. The link can be found

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks, ill have a look at it

EDIT: As i pretty much dont know how gparted works and i really dont want to mess it up ill just do a automatic install on my hdd and then mount my hdd as /home, it would have been cool to have done it using gparted though

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Easy enough, run gparted in ‘live’ and just point the installer where you want everything to go. A lot of works gone into this, your opinion is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Gparted is pretty much self explanatory, if you need help, let us know.

The thing about using gparted is that i dont know which partitions i need to create, and what kind they need to be