Openbox border not loading correctly


Hi guys, I just did a fresh install of archlabs openbox. My windows / file folders are not displaying the theme correctly. I’m somewhat new to linux, but how can I got about fixing this? when I, select, say firefox or any window with the mouse, only half the the border draws on the active window. I havnt seen this watching peoples videos online of archlabs and it looks like some sort of graphical bug.


Did you try switching openbox and/or gtk themes to see if the issue persists?

Try killing compton - in a terminal:

killall compton &


Killing Compton Fixed the issue, Ty so much, Im still learning my way around linux. really preciate it Ty packRat.

Does this mean that compositing / compton isnt working correctly if it needs to be disabled?


Seems to be issues with compton lately. You can try different themes with it, or disable it.


Try to uninstall Compton’s repo and install Compton-tryone.git from aur.