Open Arena "/N/CITY UK server" screenshots

Since I like the game Open Arena (only “/N/ CITY UK” and “oaweapon” server)so much, I want to share a few screenshots.
Very few of you know or play it, but that doesn’t matter.


I never heard of this game until today. I think I may have to check it out.

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But for me only 2 servers are absolutely playable.
The ones I mentioned above. The others are too slow for me. But to each his own.

/N/CITY UK server is absolutely fun to play. The maps (109!) are absolutely interesting and there are lots of secrets to discover.
But of course you don’t always have time and peace to discover them.
And the server is still very busy in the evening.

I Can play this for hours.

…and don`t forget to modifying your q3config.conf in the rat folder to your likings.

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I’m not a big gamer so I can’t see myself playing for long but I’ll check this one out tomorrow.

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Does the brightness slider work in your system? My Debian version is too dark, which is a shame.

I remember when Qauke III came out, what an amazing game. Just found Debian -- Details of package game-data-packager in bullseye as well.

EDIT: couldn’t resist, bought it in GOG:



How expensive was the QUAKE 3 in GOG?

Yes the slider for the brightness works.

Why too dark? Looks good.
But you can try adjusting the settings to your likings in q3config.conf(oa), regardless of whether it’s Quake or Open Arena.

The servers are empty because it is early in the morning here.

£12.99, which is a bargain IMO.

I downloaded the .exe file from, used innoextract to unpack the data files and then ran

game-data-packager --install quake3 /path/to/game/data/files

Openarena is very nice but the proprietary assets are what make Q3 a landmark game — it plays differently with much better “feel”.

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This is the only game I need:


It’s all good :slight_smile:

John Carmac rules!

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I tried gaming on my old Dell workstation ages ago (buddy of mine used to host LAN parties in his studio), I forget which game I borrowed from my buddy, might had been Half Life or something, but when I played it, I got dizzy lulz. I had a 20" Trinitron CRT flat display, I had a nice GPU card installed that I overclocked, and the motion was so fast and fluid that I had to stop playing after 20 minutes because it kinda made me nauseous.

That was the extent of my PC gaming. I still want an old Super NES console lulz. I love those old games.


I’ve been playing FPS shooters online since Quake 2. Ah, Lithium Mod Death Match, those were the days…

EDIT: my username is from my Quake 2 days as it happens.

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Thanks. I will try it out. :slight_smile:

No one cares, but i found the QUEEN OF CATS! :rofl: