Onefetch for git repositories

What a sweet tool. :smiley: Available in the Community repo.


Thx for sharing @nwg . Never heard about it before.

That looks cool, I may have to check it out.

I wonder what the shell logo is?

jeeze, they ascii’ed it


I do only use bash just to be consistant but it’s not really the standard.

I’ve never ever used any other shell, apart from zsh, installed by the way together with some distro.

I’ve used csh and ksh before but never departed from basic sh compats.

I think this is the best gpl related logo ever…

that egg is so wierd, looks like something off of Star Wars Mandalorian

I need to clone some repos in exotic languages - just to see their logos in ASCII. :wink:

lol. Let us know how that goes.