One of the many reasons why I am moving away from Google



Been a “Ducker” for about a year. Now all I need to do is drop Gmail. The issue wit that though - its tied into YouTube. In any event, Yeppers - working them off my system and I cant remember the last time I logged into FB.

And yanno what, I find I have a heck of a lot more time to dedicate to my other hobbies :wink:


Duckduckgo has been my search for ages. I’m slowly changing over to Protonmail from Gmail but its as I hit a site I have signed up with Google on. A slow process.


Yep DDG is awesome and great customisation tools.

Im still with Google because I have so much shit on drive, but looking for alternatives…


Like this one here for my searches:


The search engines I would suggest, other than the Big G:



Startpage is awesome if you want a enhanced privacy search engine. The main sellpoint startpage is their server, in netherlands, unlike DDG server in US.


The best thing about startpage is that it submits anonymous requests to Google on the user’s behalf so you get the immense power of the big G search engine without being trapped in their filter bubble.

DDG is nice but the results aren’t as conclusive as startpage, IMO.