On what other boards are you active?

Apart from ArchLabs, on what other boards are you active? I’ve seen some of you on BunsenLabs, but what about others?

  • Arch: 5 posts
  • BunsenLabs: 5 posts
  • linuxiarze.pl: 2 posts
  • phoronix: 1 post, forgotten password
  • manjaro: 0 posts since they zeroed the forum

Apart from ArchLabs, I sometimes post on reddit. Used to have an account on EOS, but given up.

Some posts on AL & looks into BL, haven t been much on the BL forum lately.

I was on linuxquestions.org and arch forum for some years. Used to be on digg.com when it was a pure tech site.

LOL, does StackOverflow count? :rofl:


It should ! lol

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This is my second most read forum after ArchLabs. Don’t tell anyone.


I’m currently active at forums.debian.net (where I am a moderator), bbs.archlinux.org (but I don’t post there very much these days), dev1galaxy.org & daemonforums.org.

I posted on linuxquestions.org for a bit but the advertising for non-members wound me up. I also used to be active at forums.bunsenlabs.org (and the old CrunchBang forums, both of which I moderated for) and forum.mxlinux.org but I had to leave both for similar reasons (don’t ask).


I wont @nwg , lol

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@anon39737049, Personally I don’t see this as offensive especially as I do believe this is nothing remotely serious about what he is saying.

If you find it offensive, report it. Otherwise keep this sort of thing to a PM.

Any further issues, contact me directly.

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back on topic.

I am active at the BL forum, the Endeavour OS forum and that’s about it forum-wise.

Archlinux, Garuda and ArchLabs.
Debian but not sure if I posted there or not.

Manjaro and EndeavourOS were kicked to the curb.

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The forums? No good for you? I really didn’t like the Manjaro forum. Just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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I have been on others, but they tended to be filled with sell righteous, arrogant knobheads, so I left.

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I don’t think you will find any of those here.

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BL forum; but not too active any more since I haven’t used Debian for a couple years now.

VSIDO; actually the moderator there. These days just drop in a couple times a week and delete the spam posts.

Void on reddit - couple posts over there.

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Yes the forums, but also Manjaro was too much modified from Arch. ( Just not for me )
At EndeavourOS a moderator treated a good soul like shit, a few of us asked to have have our accounts closed after what went down in the public forum.


Basically I am only active on the forum of the distro I am using. But the AL forum has an especially laid-back style; I really like that. So I used to be in Linux Mint, Manjaro (but the previous one, which for me was still ok) and Arcolinux. But all three forums are swamped with people who cannot google something themselves or search a forum properly. I don’t blame them, it’s fine, i also helped them find their way but at a certain moment I got tired with that. Helping starters I do sometimes on Reddit. And the BL forum of course, but that is almost a twin of the AL forum. Go there for some fun. And i leave comments on YT (eznix; EF-tech made easy; DT etc.)

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I think I saw that go down.

It’s what we aim for.