Old ArchLabs Versions

Admin privilege being abused here, I couldn’t be bothered writing a new thread and it’s not like @rog21 has visited since this post. I am uploading the old AL releases to Google Drive. They are pretty much for a historical view more than anything.

I REALLY recommend you DON’T install these versions on any production machines.

ArchLabs Archival.


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Install polybar from the aur and configure it (lots of dotfiles and guides out there), we’re no longer packaging it for a number of reasons.


It says to contact y’all if you need an old release. I’ve got a disc with 2017.08 but would like 2018.02 or 2018.12, for the purposes running in a vm of looking at the polybar conf and menu.xml and migrating some of those settings to my host os (also archlabs 2020.11). I like everything about the distro, site, and support, the one thing I dislike is that you STOPPED hosting old releases. I never got a good reason for this other than “its a rolling distro so it doesn’t make sense”. I find it useful to put the latest release in really easy to see places, and put older releases in a sub-folder like “Archive”. Because someone who is going out of there way to specifically get an old release, usually knows to run the latest and all the negatives with an old release, but has some definitive reason for doing so, and getting rid of everything but the latest build on Sourceforge makes things frustrating.

All you need to do is ask mate, I have all the releases in storage and will happily send you a link. Though you are a braver man than I if you are going to attempt to install it.

P.S. I’m just uploading it now, not long to go

Sorry for the bad grammar, meant “for the purposes of running in a vm and lookin at…”. Also kudos to being author of DK. I prefer it over i3w. Use openbox for everyday stuff, and dk when im working on chromium or chromium os (minor contributor), and need lots of terminators open.
No im not gonnna install it on a real machine. But how bout this for size. I still use windows xp with internet, and use windows 7 as one of my main oses. Dual boot win xp, 7, 8.1, 10, along with ubuntu, bunsenlabs, cbpp, chromiumos, cloudready, and archlabs. All on seperate drives of partitions.

Well thats awesome! Would you take the time to send me links to all releases. If you have them all it would be interesting to go back in time and look at the default look, layout and packages. Ive only used archlabs since 2017.08 (hence the dvd, this was before I figured out etcher and rufus are a thing along with dd). If its too annoying can I just get 2018.12 or whatever is the last release to use polybar.

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My upload speed is a fucking joke but I am uploading to Google Drive as we speak. The 2018.12 release is 17% away from ready at Mega.


@Alex313031 here you man, enjoy.