Off to Metallica in October

Its been a long 9 years since 'Tallica last came to NZ but they are here in October. Taking my eldest, Ozzy was meant to be his first concert but Ozzy cancelled so 'Tallica it is. As an added bonus for the boy, Slipknot are opening for them.

Can’t wait. Gutted I never will get to see Ozzy but oh well it could be worse.


Very nice, metallica probably puts on an awesome show.

Yes they do, I’ve seen them before. Really looking forward to going to this, especially as Jakob my son is a huge fan himself so its going to be a really fun night for both of us. Metallica t-shirts for all!!.


Concert in family, and Metallica. A perfect plan. You will remember it in future meetings. I’m sure. My first metal concert was with my older brother, I was 15 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday


It will be a great one !

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Found out they are coming to Brisbane/Aussie as well. Definetly going now. Never been to one of there concerts in the past, wished i had though as they put on a really good live show.

Bet that you ll have some blast in there @s7l !

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Any word on rescheduling?

That sux @PackRat for @Dobbie03 @s7l & the guys downunder.

Doesn’t sound like it. Second concert this year I have missed out on because of cancellation.

Well, that s some bad news, 2 cancelled shows.