Octopi? plus VirtualBox question

I see that yaourt is depreciated, so is it still possible to install Octopi?
Also I am running ArchLabs in virtualbox and have installed the guest additions, but can not get full screen. Thanks

Octopi is still in the AUR. What’s the main reason behind using Octopi?

A graphical package manager is easier for me. i can’t wrap my head around making packages. I’m used to Synaptic. I can’t figure out the AUR, and I have read the wiki. I just cut and paste without knowing why, a good way to trash your install. In the past I have installed and destroyed Bridge Linux and Antergos this way. Tthe only Arch based distro I am familiar with is Manjaro. They don’t use Octopi, but I have seen it somewhere.

I think pamac may be the better gui aur helper to use. Octopi is a manjaro product that uses kde which may cause more packages to be installed than you want. And pamac is very easy to use. Now that that was said, it would not hurt to learn how to use pacman which is a CLI which pretty much is the main aur helper. Yay is another, and in my opinion more powerful tool. It would be a good idea to have some understanding as to how the AUR works and what helpers will help to keep your system up to date and to install packages. Just my opinion…

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Worst thing you can possibly do.

I seriously advise learning the AUR it is not as hard as you might think. There are a couple of ways to do it.

  1. Baph.
    Baph is our in house AUR helper. To install a package you will need to know its explicit name.

Will install from there.

  1. Yay.
    Great AUR helper. You can first install Yay with baph, baph -i yay

The easiest way to use yay is just to search for what you want e.g. yay firefox
Yay will then give you a list of options. You just enter the number of the package you want installed.

Just follow the instructions as the appear.

If you really need a GUI package manager install Pamac or something similar.


Welcome to AL! Take it easy, install th egui stuff you need, but take time out to learn the CLI stuff.

I promise you it’s easier than you think (I have an IQ of around dishwater temperature and I learned some stuff) and then you have the option of gui and cli :wink:

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Thanks, Baph is great. I used it and installed yay. Also installed pamac. Installed bluebird and blackbird Xfce themes. Still can not get full screen in Virtualbox. Feel more at home now. Almost ready to try real install.


Totally agree. Pamac is far better than octopi if you insist on a GUI. I always use the shell. Sometimes Pacman but since yay supports the same Pacman options and also installs from the AUR I always end up using yay. It does a great job!