October 2018 Screenshot Thread



Nice ncpmc colors.


Thanks man, can throw them your way if you want them.


After a few days on ArchLabs. :thinking:


Nice install @sammiev . Keep it on.


We don’t get many XFCE scrots here, keep it up.


Yep, I like XFCE after OpenBox.


One hour I’ll get there!

Seems to be a bit more of the same but it is not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It is more presentable… I think… :grin:

Particularly I like the AL pattern, the colors and the whole set are in harmony and this counts a lot, my biggest change in such a system is a wallpaper, icones and when I break it … hahaha… :joy::joy:



I especially like that wallpaper. I reckon a 4k version of that could wind up as our next default wallpaper!


This one of the image is in 1080p, I will provide the 4k.


That would be awesome thank you.


I’ll send the xcf, so you can adjust it as needed.
Then I go back.


Perfect thanks.


Sorry for the delay, I had to leave to solve a problem but here it is -> https://linx.li/al4k20-10-2018.zip


Alright, you got me with this thread. I started playing, trying to emulate @PackRat’s setup. Kind of missing the sexy polybar though. Using the forum, I got some things put together while dealing with insomnia. Sleep now and maybe playing with conky next.


My minimalist work area.
Neomutt (setup for both imap and local mailboxes)
urxvt (editing my i3 config file
calcurse (finally got it set the way I want it)
Unseen: scrot -d5 (set on a 5 second delay, running in my “scratchpad” window)


@m.rogers, no worries about the delay, I was asleep anyway :smiley:

@sikkdays, looks epic mate.

@chris60601, very nice. Are you loving Qutebrowser as much as I am?


@m.rogers That’s all kinds of badass, nice job man! :grin::+1:


@Dobbie03, I can’t say just yet. I started playing with it a day or two ago with the hopes of dropping Firefox as my “go-to” browser. But so far, I like, I like!

All in the name to reduce my overall need to “heavy” apps :slight_smile:


Once I had my bookmarks from Firefox sorted I was pretty much 100% with Qutebrowser. The only thing I miss from FF is the Reddit Enhancement Suite addon. But that is a pretty minor thing.