October 2018 Screenshot Thread



Nice, can see the dark themes coming back here @Dobbie03


Yeah, I can’t be bothered with light themes at the moment. Dark themes are easier on the eyes anyway.


Weird, it s the contrary on my end.


Everyone is different I suppose! It’s what makes the world an interesting place :smiley:


lol, you bet !


Yup! No plans from straying from the Dark Side again anytime soon!

Looks nice Matt :slight_smile:

I used to go fishing with my Dad on a lake like that… Oh, a 100 years ago (it seems) :blush:


Thanks @Glenn.

This wallpaper reminds me of a lake you would see in a horror movie!


Love fog on the water, love horror movies! :+1:


Love it! Now why is it I keep thinking Im going to hear a little whisper that says; Get out!
LOL Reminds me of what Camp Crystal Lake might look like in the movie Halloween :wink:

Edited: Friday the 13th (Thanks PackRat)


Camp Crystal Lake is Friday the 13th



^There ya go :stuck_out_tongue:


Why the hell did I think that was Halloween?!? Same state maybe?


… CC appears to be New Jersey?
I think I need to start drinking … again…


ubuntu 18.04 could have looked this good


Very nice Mr @cog


thanks, long live customization


same thing with eOS’s new walls


Nice, the eOS boys have good taste in wallpapers.


They’re pretty solid at that