October 2018 Screenshot Thread


@womp Ohhh, ya hit it right outa the park with that one!

Nice my friend! :grinning:


Nicee in there @womp. Love Rush !


Thanks! Have been listening to them for 40 years!



Me Too :grin:


I even married a canadian woman! Divorced for 12 years but with three great young grownups. I didn’t divorce Rush though!



Oh, been listening to them for over 40 years also @womp


New wall and a little more transparency. Keeping it simple (for now).


when can you come to my place to theme my machine @glenn ?

really slick looking desktop mate.


Nice dark theme in there @Glenn


@philT & @altman Hehe… Thanks guys, kind of you fellas :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to all get together over beers one day? We’re so used to the notion of our planet getting smaller but on the other hand, it feels hopelessly huge at times.


openbox -


added a memory % tint2 executor, tweaked some colors.


Nice tweaks again @PackRat


@dimaom thanks.

recreated Solus’s MATE experience on arch, using my theme. very pleased with it.


Nicee @cog , keep it on .


Hmm, I’ll have to check out quotebrowser. Looks nice.


So is it safe to assume those are your desktops on the bottom bar? Like the highlighted one with firefox is what I’m looking at and on the right is another desktop with Sublime open? That’s slick. I might have to bug you to figure out how to do that on my machine.


Yes, that is tint2 configured for multi_desktop and icons only.

back on topic;



I wish I3 implements rounder corners… Otherwise i’m happy ^^


Nice shot in there @gazeka74


awesome screenshots everyone!