October 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nice little tweak in there @Dobbie03 .Thx @dimaom


Beautiful stuff everyone, impressive month.

My first of October (family matters). Fresh install on a new 500gb SSD. My 2tb HDD now serves only for media share and backup, up’d the system memory as well.

Basically stock ArchLabs w/ a few tweaks.


Nice & clean @Glenn


@altman Thanks man :slight_smile:


No problem el mate.lol


Drive by scrot:


OpenBSD -current running dwm and 4 xterms; clockwise from top-left we have: asciiquarium, systat(1) (showing the firewall view screen), slurm & cmatrix.

Nerdtastic :slight_smile:


Gee, nice install in there @Head_on_a_Stick , keep it on.



What FM is that? Awesome scrots.


Love seeing OpenBSD still being used. I used to run it some years ago just to run it and didn’t do anything productive with it. Then again, there were not many apps on v3.2 that would have moved me to use it as a desktop OS back in the early 2k’s

None the less, its great to see it out there. Nice work Hoas!


I think I have this posting images worked out? Here is my latest install of Archlabs:

I will post configs later.


Nice, nice, nice!


@glenn and @greywolf nice work guys


Nicee @greywolf


Some changes regarding the last

Sorry for my painful English… :disappointed_relieved:


Nice little changes in there @leonevo

Your English s pretty good on my end. Keep it on .


Thanks @altman


It’s Thunar.


Nice choice of software, also love the look of the setup, nice work dude :slight_smile:


Very nice setup, love the colour coordination


2112 with lxpanel and a new theme for plank.