October 2018 Screenshot Thread


Love the Slayer image!!!


Another great shot in there@McQ


You have a link for the wallpaper; tineye failed.

slow, rainy day -



Been really happy with my deepin-dark-mod theme from last month. Only changed the wall.

The icons and widget stylings are here:


Deepin-dark-mod openbox theme -

here you go

@cog, nice one mate.


Nice shots in there fellas.



fvwm -


@cog - nice theme; I may need to create openbox/flubox themes to go with it.

openbox, deepin-dark-mod:




Nicee out there @leonevo


Lookin good!


Finally happy with current setup. Get rid of panel, using dunst notifications on changing volume, brightness. Showing notification on low battery level. Using hotkey for showing date/time. Bspwm, sxhkd, st, qutebrowser, dunst.


Nice install in there @dimaom . Keep it on.


That’s all looking really nice @dimaom, I could get the dots for your qutebrowser please?

Nothing much new for me. Bookmarks in FF are now handled via Rofi (thanks @natemaia). Back to using Polybar after a short break.


Nice scrots again @Dobbie03 , see that you ve got some King Diamond on in there !


Yup, huge fan of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.


Thanks, Dobbie! Here it is https://ideone.com/B0yFPq


Pretty much the same on my end.@Dobbie03


Thx for sharing those @dimaom


Cheers man, thanks for sharing.


Loving Qutebrowser thanks to @dimaom.