October 2018 Screenshot Thread


@chris60601 Thanks much!





Very nice @McQ. Keep it on.


Nice shot in there @natemaia


Another nice shot in there @Negata


Doing some low-level C programing for X?

That shot a tease for the next ArchLabs release?


Just me screwing around on the desktop, no teasers :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking good guys.


killing some time before the kids get out of school:



Nicee in there @PackRat


So I reinstalled and redid my i3/Cinnamon mess. I really like the combo…I used neofetch instead of al-info since it shows the DE and the WM in the window.


Wow, nicee out there @7im4pple


@PackRat this was always my favorite olive green setup


What is Compton Tyrone Matt?

Kudos for dmenu2 been using it exclusively for a while now. Love it.


It’s a fork of Compton that uses blur :smiley:

Yeah cheers, I found Rofi was doing some weird shit.



Nice dark theme @Dobbie03


Sorry I have no idea where I got the wallpaper from. I have a saved about 700 the last 10-15 years.



It s all right @womp . Sometimes it s the same on my end as well.