October 2018 Screenshot Thread


using a gnome app (file-roller) for reference I about got the deepin-dark window decs recreated using the FVWM vector API


Nice scrots in there @cog



Running gnome-panel with FVWM?


It starts to look like I want it to.


It’s just the default polybar config on archlabs July modified some.


Thanks -

You going to put those Fvwm window decor vectors on your bitbucket site; I’m going to be needing those :monkey_face:




I’ll get them uploaded for you soon. There’s a few more tweaks I’m gonna make while I’m waiting on stuff to come in on this deadline I’m working this month at work.


Hard at work in there @nwg . Looks nice.


Actually it’s all out of boredom, in lack of a better job. Half a year ago, having a work in progress, I used to find tuning desktop a waste of time. :wink:


Yep , when one has time & likes it, why not.



Fresh install on an old Dell - Finally completed a full Arch Linux install (plus tweaks) of i3
Many of you have done this but this was a project I wanted to pull off for a good bit now.

Things to point out:
i3blocks = Taken from Luke Smith’s i3blocks and modified to taste (This is NOT his LARBS install script)
Terms = ST (AUR: st-spcz-git 0.8.1.r3.geed2e81-1)
Neomutt doing imap (Community: neomutt 20180716-4)
Calcurse for calendar/reminders/meetings/etc. (Community: calcurse 4.3.0-1)
mod+d for your typical dmenu and
mod+shift+d that runs rofi (rofi -show drun -show-icons -columns 2)
Other little things as i3 does so well :slight_smile:


Nicee @dimaom


Nice install @chris60601


Outstanding! I have been eyeing Void as a project. Not sure how well that will work out as wireless could be a thing.

Love it!


Never had a network issue with Void - wired or wireless. Most wireless out of the box; broadcom drivers available in the nonfree repo. I think there is a Wiki entry to get broadcom installed if you can’t connect to a wired network.

I actually use their mk-live scripts to roll my own fluxbox spin.

back on topic - i3 with conky for status bar:



Has Void recovered from the maintainer being MIA?


Yes. There wasn’t much interruption actually. My impression was more of an “oh shit” moment on their part as they realized what they needed to be doing.

spammin’ the thread tonight:



Great effort this month people! On to November!