October 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nice wall in there @Dobbie03


Just an update to the wallpaper


Where you getting these aged, soft focus wallpapers?


From Unsplash. I searched for “vintage”. The one in my latest I made with a dark semi-transparent layer over the photo.


In some applications I like that the corners are aligned with Polybar. As in the screenshot in which firefox is running. The Close and Minimize buttons are visible for example, but the title of the window can not be seen.


The Debian freeze is coming up in the new year so I’ve just installed a shiny new testing system:


Same desktop as usual but with added Debianicity :slight_smile:


HoaS on the job again ! Nice.


dwmX 2019 development scrot :wink:

Debian Buster base


Nicee @mrneilypops , keep it on mate.


Ruh Roh Shaggy! Seeing the WM there makes me want to head on back to Debian :wink:


Looking good!


What you mean brother? Just install dwm on AL!!! :slight_smile: No need to change distros for a WM?! :smiley:


No way! I cant give up what I have now. Too used to having the latest of everything (which is the main reason I dropped Debian in the first place).

Quite happy here :slight_smile:


Playing w/ dwmX by @mrneilypops , live system on the desktop. Runs beautifully, nice work Neil! :grin::+1:


Nice shot there Mr. Debi-man :wink:
Alsa or Pulse?


ArchLabs only for me, although if I could find my damn lenovo charger… I’d like to put this to bare metal on a little testing partition I have set up on the laptop.

Not actually sure Chris, my guess would be alsa but didn’t put the sound through it’s paces when using the live system. It’s a first class piece of work, grab yourself a copy and give it a go :slight_smile:


Checking out Gnome and KDE dumped too much crufty bloat on my system; cleaned house this morning:



Yep , wonder why they always have to increase everything now, looks like windows sometimes depending on distros.


Work in Progress, Archlabs, @PackRat 's theme with mine. I’ve been able to get away from ms office at work now by using the snap version of wps-office that can do pivot tables identical. Plus I like being able to confine proprietary software with snap’s mechanisms.


The first alpha has alsa installed…but then I realised I needed pulseaudio for Firefox Quantum.
The next ISO will come with pulseaudio.
Thanks again for testing.