October 2018 Screenshot Thread


SOS, with a sunset on the way to work today


I was tempted to try Sway the other day but I found Sway ultra… shit last time I tried it about 4-5 months ago.


^ Not sure how long Gnome will last. Nice user interface and all, but it’s tough to justify that memory use if you’re not using MATLAB or something like that.


In fairness to GNOME, that was just after closing FF and I think the latest version lingers in the memory like a bad smell — the bare desktop + terminal just after boot runs in at ~550MiB, IIRC, which isn’t terrible but more than I can stomach.

Especially when I can get a very respectable desktop running (with a DNSSEC authenticated local nameserver, just like in *buntu) with less than a tenth of that:


The bike is Kawasaki’s insane 320bhp H2R, I think I may be having a mid-life crisis or something :roll_eyes:


Great looking scrot & Kawy out there @Head_on_a_Stick


320bhp? Good grief, that’s got pain and a long recovery written all over it :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it happens to me all the time. One cannot simply ignore mechaporn :grin:


Yep, not good on the wallet right ! lol


Nope but we can’t take the cash with us, when we go.

Save some and spend it if ya got it. :wink:


Basically that I think, good thinking @Glenn I guess.


Nah, we bikers have an old saying:

The reason being that a 320bhp motorcycle demands respect and so the rider is far more likely to be behaving themselves and paying attention than if they were dicking around on something low-powered and docile.

Lots of power can also be a safety feature because it allows you to outrun other road users who may try to take you out (this has actually happened to me more than once); the argument for this is the same as for guns & condoms:



Gee , my ride has 260 HP & it s fairly quick @ 3300 lbs, I can t imagine a 320 HP on a bike, wonder its weight.


The road version pushes out 238bhp and weighs 238kg with a full tank of fuel, the H2R (the track version in the scrot) is probably around the 220kg range (ish), IMO.


Wholly cow, F1 performances I guess.

Here s a link:




Looks great @cog



Using your theme and icons -



Glad you been getting some mileage out of it. I’ve found some bugs in it the theme but it’s pretty dern usable.


I did notice the cuffs of your skinny jeans were suspiciously tight.


You update the theme on bitbucket? Nice dark theme, pretty easy on the eyeballs.

Got tired of Gnome real quick: