October 2018 Screenshot Thread


@Dobbie03 This is good info to know! Let me ask (and hoping you have experienced this) I have many sites IDs and passwords stored within the logins file and key* files. How easy is it to “import” that data (if even possible)?

That could be a holding back factor for me.


From what I can see you can’t import passwords etc, that was one of my main things holding me back, that and how to handle bookmarks.

Bookmarks I exported the html file and with the help of @natemaia made a rofi bookmark script.
Logins and Passwords, I just bit the bullet and excercised the good old brain muscle and entered the pass/login as I came across them. If I got stuck I just reset the password.


Outstanding and thank you! Looks like I have a project for this evening.


Nice, if you want the Rofi Bookmark script just let me know.


Indeed, I would love that. I did a quick search and found this to look at tonight also.

It looks promising for those of us that store ID’s and passwords. Again, it was just a quick search and a fast read - but looks promising.


Nothing new other than a new wallpaper and a return to Simple Terminal.

@chris60601, here you go man Rofi Bookmark.

Good find there on the firefox decrypt. Will check it out.


Nice again @Dobbie03


Sorry for spamming but found this wallpaper I really like at 4chan. Had to post.


Oh, nicee @Dobbie03!


Excuse my crappy window placement.


Yeah, good shot anyways @Dobbie03


@Dobbie03 oK!
@Glenn Usually the basics between the chair and the screen … hahaha … :joy::joy:

@pippo @sikkdays @leonevo @7im4pple @Negata Thank you all!!! :grinning:


Played in Conky and got something scrapped together. Still tempted to go back to polybar. The original setup was so nice. Maybe just drop it on the bottom. Hmm. The wallpaper is a logo a friend designed for an upcoming podcast on mental health that I’m producing. Put it there to motivate me to push forward :joy:


Nice shot in there @sikkdays


Debian 9.5 live:


I always forget how classy GNOME looks but I don’t think I could live with that memory usage.


Nicee @Head_on_a_Stick


Gnome’s pretty and polished but I have to agree, 926mb while sitting looking beautiful, is a striking price to pay in memory. :slight_smile:


Not to mention the amount of disk space required -


I was thinking of installing it just to use wayland, but that’s a hefty install.


Nice man. At first glance, thought dwm but no… Flux.

Awesome :slight_smile:


Fluxbox with faux tiling set up via keybindings.

gnome - default configuration:


not too bad, needs tweaking.