October 2018 Screenshot Thread



Second biggest month for the screenshot thread, and nothing but quality posted.

Keep up the great work everyone.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

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(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

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This one reminds me of that move “Vertigo”.

Damn good movie. But anyway … Happy October!


Yup that’s awesome!


Pretty much identical to last months last one.


Looks great @McQ .


Dark theme s back @Dobbie03 ! Looks great .


My desktop today


Nice @Negata


Latest BL scrot , will post my AL later on. Not much changes appart for updates.


You have a link for that CAD design image in the terminal?

Openbox with tint2:



My Alpine desktop looks the same so here’s a quick scrot of gotop & vtop:


Note how much CPU vtop is using (check the node process) and how little gotop is using despite providing more information — go ftw!


@PackRat CAD Wallpaper: Click Here




I’ll have to set this as the image for lxdm.

@haos - How is Alpine as a daily driver? You run it as a server for anything? Looks interesting, I just never have time to delve into it.


Nice work @everyone :slight_smile:


Great job in there fellas !


I find that it does everything I need with a lower overhead than any other Linux distribution I have tried.

The musl libc base and OpenRC init system are the main draws for me, especially now that I’ve got openrc-init running as PID1 (instead of busybox) and X is running as my normal user (rather than as root, just like in Arch & Debian).

I refuse to do internet banking with Linux though, which is one of the reasons why I dual boot with OpenBSD.

No, I don’t have a desktop machine so that wouldn’t really work.


Hello everyone!
Tint2, plank, and a pic for octorber.



Nice @womp! :slight_smile:


Great looking @womp