Someone pointed this out not long ago… https://gitlab.com/william.belanger/obsuite
It seems like a nice replacement instead of stealing indicators from other desktops… Unfortunately it doesn’t work…lol And the dev doesn’t seem to look at bug reports very often.

I don’t know any python…but I’m putting out a call for anyone in the community who knows it to help this guy get the tool working. Or fork it and make it an archlabs thing. I think it would be a
great addition Archlabs.

My 2 cents.


P.S. It would work just as well in i3

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Thx never knew it existed @TimApple

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To some degree it reminds my obhud (AUR). However, I’ve never decided to add GUI.

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Nicee @nwg

Did you install from the GitLab page or did you use the package from the AUR?

There are some qt5 dependencies that aren’t part of a default ArchLabs install (I think).

I installed via the AUR

@TimApple It seems to work ok on my end, once I disabled the battery check I don’t have any errors and it backgrounds itself

I’m not using OB or anything and all I did was install it from the AUR with baph -i obsuite-git so I’m not sure what happened on your end.

I’m mainly just here to stand up for the dev, he has 2 open issues relating to this even though the application does work (seemingly fine).


I get the following, I installed from pamac… I don’t get a chance to disable anything…it just crashes.

127 tim@al-mothership ~ % obsuite --preferences                                                                                                                                                              :(
[20:01:16] [INFO] [Preferences] Loaded preferences database
[20:01:16] [INFO] [Preferences] Loaded preferences database
[20:01:17] [CRITICAL] [Temperature] Process error: Failed to start
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/obsuite/frontend/volume.py", line 169, in _error
    self.error.emit(self, code)
TypeError: Main.error[object, str].emit(): argument 2 has unexpected type 'ProcessError'
[1]    31577 abort (core dumped)  obsuite --preferences

From the GitLab page:

# obsuite --preferences
# obsuite --quit

this need to be run as root? Looks like you’re running it as regular user.

I’ll give it a go, I was running it as regular user.

I just ran it normally first, then ran it with --preferences

Yes, looking at some of the code, if you try to run without admin privileges, it cannot access certain areas of the Linux kernel and so to protect the system, it would just lock out the calls from obsuite.

I don’t recognize this command? Can someone educate me please.

It is nate’s basic AUR package helper (https://bitbucket.org/natemaia/baph)

Should not be much different from the other helpers, I guess - but of course I do not know enough to be sure…

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@xsme You’re absolutely right, if anything real AUR helpers like yay, trizen, etc. will provide more options and better handling of edge cases than baph.

My implementation is not so much poorly written as it is constrained, most helpers require additional dependencies and have much larger codebases.

At the end of the day they all do essentially the same thing

  • grab some data in the form of a VCS repository or compressed archive
  • offer some form of viewing the PKGBUILD
  • handle dependency chains
  • run makepkg to build the package
  • hand it off to pacman to install


Hi there, I am the developper of ObSuite. Sorry for the late response! Now that I am aware of this, I updated the notification settings of my Gitlab account :wink:

All the opened issues were fixed two weeks ago. Should work fine now. If you still get a “Failed to start” error at launch, it mean that you should either deactivate an useless module, or do some manual tweaking for your particular hardware. So in both case; “obsuite --preferences”. Also, I can confirm that the program is meant to be run as an user.

I love Openbox, and I like the look of your distro. I would be enthousiast to join Archlabs’s repository if that is something you would like :slight_smile:


@Alfalfa welcome. Our repo is here https://bitbucket.org/account/user/archlabslinux/projects/AR