Obmenu-generator switchmenu not found

Erm…scratching my head on this one…
Switchmenu no longer found in obmenu…


obmenu-generator -p works.

mrneilypops@archlabs ~ % obmenu-generator -p
[*] A dynamic menu has been successfully generated!

A downloaded app is ‘auto’ added to the dynamic menu.
I am sure I was able to switch back to the static menu previously.

Any ideas team?

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Wonder if you have a look at the Obmenu if it s still in it.Or if it has anything to do with it.

I am not sure I understand…
Menu entry is still present but no function.

Ah ok. Wonder if it has to do with the updates that we have here & there, never know, sometimes it s buggy afterward.

As for the entry , wonder if it also have to do with dependencies somehow.

Thanks…it is no biggy…still enjoying my ArchLabs install…FAB distro :sunglasses:
Just wondering if anybody else experiences the same issue…

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@mrneilypops , just hold on, someone in the know might come in & help you out mate.

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Thinking about it, was it working before ! or you installed & it doesn t start.

I am sure it was working when installed…but only just noticed now…some months later…that it is not working…I guess it shows the level of importance :wink:

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lol, bad boy @mrneilypops . Well , wonder then if it has to do with the lovely updates that we have as time goes by. Sometimes a said app s screwed up after updates, happened to my installs some times.

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Yes obmenu switcher and the switchmenu script will no longer be included in the future, are you running the testing repo? Breakages/removals like this will happen from time to time if so. This should still be available in the stable repo, in other words you will have to downgrade the archlabs-pipemenus package.

Hope that answeres your question, cheers


Thanks for the info.

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Thx, wondered what happened on his end. Might be usefull to other members also.

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