OK Thanks. It’s pretty clear that’s beyond what I can handle. Gives me a greater appreciation for what the dev teams deal with. I know systemd vs non-systemd is a big deal to some people but archlabs has done a great job for me for several years; always providing an answer for the few problems I’ve had.

If you’re interested in s6, try Artix s6 (I am currently using it). They use s6/s6-rc, not as easy as 66 (not that difficult to follow either), but they have more packages/services ready in their repos.

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Artix has now a flavour of 66, called suite66. I’d still use Obarun for s6/66 though as it is well polished, Artix for runit.

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Will try Artix suit66 later.

Another difference between obarun and Artix is obarun uses ConsoleKit(2) while Artix uses elogind. If you really want to stay away from systemd, obarun is the distro to go.

Just checked Artix forum. Looks like they have completely cut ties with Arch repos. Interesting move. I am a little curious to see how many packages they can move to Artix repos.

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