Nyxt Browser

Anyone tried out Nyxt browser?


It is very interesting.


Not yet. Thanks for sharing.

Never knew it was existing ! I don t know shit ! lol

Have Nyxt installed since 5min. Really seems interesting. It is a bit slow, but ok. No freezes.
Alot better than “badwolf” etc…

But i dont know how to customize this thing. How to set my homepage… BUT iam fiddling around.

Nice share! @Dobbie03

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Grab Vivaldi and don’t look back.

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AAAAAAAAND back to Firefox.

Unfortunately, the screen freezes after 5-10 minutes. And that regularly.
Too bad. No longer a desire. Nyxt looked promising, but maybe it still will. Is still a young project.
Maybe someone else will have better luck.

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I have more trust in FF, too even if it’s getting more & more annoying features in every new release. :smiley:

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As long as I don’t find anything else, I’ll stay with FF as well.
And yes, these so called “features” are a pain in the ass. But we have about:config. (still)
Yesterday i read somewhere that the FF develops want to delete the about:config in the future.
But i think that`s nothing than a rumor.
But if THAT should really happen, then it was there with me and FF.

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I hope they won’t remove about:config. It’s tedious but at least gives users some control over the browser.


That s the main thing to me also @chroot

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Exactly this.
Another reason: I love to fiddling around in about:config.
Fortunately, I now know what I’m doing.
6-7 years ago I had absolutely no idea and only made a mess of it

You know enough! OR… ? :smirk:

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lol, Yep, enough to screw my installs one day or another @subjunkie !

about:config already gone in FF for Android.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!
Shit happens. lol

It sux for these users !

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Btw, i don’t use Android. :wink:
Seriously…if this is already happening there…
Please not.

lol, no worries my friend.

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You lasted longer than I did. The whole idea behind Nyxt is so cool but it needs more work.

Yes, absolutely. As i write above, it is sad, that it is so buggy at the moment. [for me)
But they need more time. It is a young project.
I will continue to monitor it, because the idea of NYXT impressed me much.

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