Nwg-shell v0.2: I need your advice

I can’t make up my mind. The latest nwg-shell-config contains shortcuts to displays, wallpapers, gtk and panel settings. Current default (preinstalled) Controls “popdown” includes some redundant icons. The question is: should I remove them and keep just the “Shell settings” icon?

What do you think?

  • remove
  • keep as is

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Keep it as it is I reckon.


Happy with the enormous effort you put in for us @nwg! As a regular Plasma user I like this to be as clean as can :rofl: But seriously, anything you feel comfortable with, man. The shell is awesome

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Thanks! Takes a half of my life, but it’s fun. :rofl:


It’s not really fair for me to tell you what to do on something that I’m not even using currently, but my single opinion is that menu on the right looks a bit crowded. Do what feels more comfortable to you!


Can be removed.