Nwg-panel OpenWeather module localization, could you help?

Would you guys mind helping at a simple translation?

The OpenWeather API allows to use the lang parameter to get the output in your language, and there’s quite a lot of languages to choose from. Localized output doesn’t look well if the rest of UI remains in English, so I thought to add a buch of translated string. Could you please copy, translate and paste the json below in any language you know other than en and pl?


  "5-day-forecast": "5-day forecast",
  "cloudiness": "Cloudiness",
  "feels-like": "Feels like",
  "gust": "gust",
  "humidity": "Humidity",
  "pressure": "Pressure",
  "visibility": "Visibility",
  "wind": "Wind"

Sample Polish translation:

  "5-day-forecast": "prognoza pięciodniowa",
  "cloudiness": "Zachmurzenie",
  "feels-like": "Odczucie",
  "gust": "w porywach",
  "humidity": "Wilgotność",
  "pressure": "Ciśnienie",
  "visibility": "Widoczność",
  "wind": "Wiatr"

Thanks in advance!

If I could help, I would. But I only speak enough Spanish to order food, and flirt with girls, and basic daily things.



No more basic things needed

Well, “Where is the bathroom? Please bring me the check.” Stuff like that.

Dutch / Nederlands. 2 questions though:
1.wind > means the direction (like from the West or South)
2.gust > means the speed of wind (in km/h) or the fact there are gusts of wind?

Both might change based on the outcome :wink: the icons were self-explanatory

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Those the flirtatious girl will take care of :wink: But I know what you mean. My level of Vietnamese

Thank you @Peppe!

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Many thanks!

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