Nwg-look 0.0.1 released

This is my LXAppearance replacement, adapted to work in the sway / wlroots environment.

Available in AUR. Sorry, but building takes a lot of time, due to the gotk3 library. I’ll provide a binary package later.


Wow, top work again @nwg


awesome work man. I guess I could run it on startup with the -a flag, to get everything going?

Not even necessary. The struct that holds gsettings initialises with GTK defaults. If some value is missing from your system, it’ll be set to it’s default value. The -r flag is to set all defaults in case one fucks up something really hard. E.g. font scaling too big to fit all the UI in the window.

Where does it store its settings then if I run it with an X11 WM, if I don’t start it with xinit? Does it place stuff in settings.ini?

It exports to settings.ini, but doesn’t use these values. It reads gsettings registry. For the -a flag it stores a simple txt file in .local/share/nwg-look/.

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Oh sweet I need to try it out.

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You do. :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna run the go gauntlet and build from source!

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For now there’s no other way, even if you choose AUR. I haven’t published a -bin package yet.

I was replying too early in the morning. The -a flag applies settings backed up when you last pressed the “Apply” button. It would be useless on 1st run. You could use -r to apply default GTK settings, but I think it’s unnecessary.

Yer! I installed seems to be working Good ArchLabs X11 dkwm. Will keep testing Thanks

O heres the read out on first run.

Now I know whats wrong with Snow Sabre black has no size field. Theme :+1:

✔  kooarchlabs ~ 30 files = 34M ~$ nwg-look
INFO[0000] >>> Parsing original /home/koo/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini 
INFO[0000] >>> Reading gsettings                        
INFO[0000] gtk-theme: Adwaita                           
INFO[0000] icon-theme: Adwaita                          
INFO[0000] font-name: Cantarell 11                      
INFO[0000] cursor-theme: capitaine-cursors              
INFO[0000] cursor-size: 24                              
INFO[0000] toolbar-style: both-horiz                    
INFO[0000] toolbar-icons-size: large                    
INFO[0000] font-hinting: slight                         
INFO[0000] font-antialiasing: grayscale                 
INFO[0000] font-rgba-order: rgb                         
INFO[0000] text-scaling-factor: 1                       
INFO[0000] event-sounds: true                           
INFO[0000] input-feedback-sounds: false                 

(nwg-look:2843): Gtk-WARNING **: 23:23:17.309: Theme directory scalable/status of theme Snow Sabre black has no size field

INFO[0198] >>> Applying gsettings                       
INFO[0198] >> org.gnome.desktop.interface               
INFO[0198] gtk-theme: Mantis OK                         
INFO[0198] icon-theme: nouveGnomeGray OK                
INFO[0198] cursor-theme: capitaine-cursors OK           
INFO[0198] cursor-size: 24 OK                           
INFO[0198] font-name: Cantarell 11 OK                   
INFO[0198] font-hinting: slight OK                      
INFO[0198] font-antialiasing: grayscale OK              
INFO[0198] font-rgba-order: rgb OK                      
INFO[0198] text-scaling-factor: %!s(float64=1) OK       
INFO[0198] toolbar-style: icons OK                      
INFO[0198] toolbar-icons-size: large OK                 
INFO[0198] >> org.gnome.desktop.sound                   
INFO[0198] event-sounds: true OK                        
INFO[0198] input-feedback-sounds: false OK              
INFO[0198] >>> Backing up gsettings to /home/koo/.local/share/nwg-look 
INFO[0198] gtk-theme=Mantis                             
INFO[0198] icon-theme=nouveGnomeGray                    
INFO[0198] font-name=Cantarell 11                       
INFO[0198] cursor-theme=capitaine-cursors               
INFO[0198] cursor-size=24                               
INFO[0198] toolbar-style=icons                          
INFO[0198] toolbar-icons-size=large                     
INFO[0198] font-hinting=slight                          
INFO[0198] font-antialiasing=grayscale                  
INFO[0198] font-rgba-order=rgb                          
INFO[0198] text-scaling-factor=1.0                      
INFO[0198] >>> Exporting settings.ini                   
INFO[0198] >> Saving to /home/koo/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini 

Same about me and Adapta. :smiley:

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Great stuff!!



Thanks! Hoped you to like it. :smiley:

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(Aur (1) nwg-look-0.1.1-1) I have now removed lxappearance keep up the good work.

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nwg-look 0.1.1 released

  • Added support for org.gnome.desktop.interface.color-scheme / gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme


Some good things may still be done, see #6, #7.

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