Nwg-dock for sway Wayland compositor

nwg-dock is a fully configurable (w/ command line arguments and css) dock, written in Go, aimed exclusively at sway Wayland compositor. It features pinned buttons, task buttons, the workspace switcher and the launcher button. The latter by default starts nwggrid (application grid) from nwg-launchers.

See on GitHub.


Wow, nice work @nwg


Excellent, thanks for the share

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Seeing all the work you do for Sway and checking all your screens for the past few months I’m seriously thinking giving Wayland and Sway a go. I’m even subscribed to Reddit Sway to check all the news and cool stuff and the problems people have, just didn’t reach the point to install it yet. Better late than never :grin:

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Haha! My attitude to sway is, well… unorthodox: I believe it doesn’t have to remain just i3 on Wayland. Since I first tried Wayfire, together with their shell, I couldn’t stop thinking that sway may look good as well. And, while Wayfire developers are busy at the compositor (great job, by the way), their shell is still in quite early development. On sway we will never have window animations, but we’ll have a fully featured shell first: autotiling, Azote, nwg-launchers, -panel and -dock.


v0.1.0 available

Includes improvement to autohide mode. See README.

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Top @nwg

nwg-dock 0.1.1

  • setting command env variables hopefully fixed
  • dock window bound to hotspot’s gdk.Monitor in autohide mode: closes #2
  • refreshing hidden dock restored, for aesthetic reasons
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Top again @nwg

Please find all the further info, if any, on this thread.