Nwg Control Center: Go version available

Even though I am quite happy with Waybar, I am also a bit tired of using the mouse wheel to change the volume and the display brightness. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

Currently I see no obvious bugs, so some feedback would be appreciated. There’s no published package yet, but you may build nwgcc-git from the PKGBUILD available in the GitHub repository. Thanks in advance!

Please pay attention to optional dependencies!

[edit 01.01.2021]: the same GUI in the faster version, written in Go available here: GitHub - nwg-piotr/nwgocc: nwg Control Center - Go version.


Fancy stuff @nwg

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Nice @nwg . Hard at work again my friend !

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I needed some work to keep myself from going crazy with boredom. This project is an exercise in object-oriented programming and class inheritance.

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Hey cool, nice !

Working on custom icons and styling.


Oh, cutomization time, nice.

Initially it had to be a simple GTK window, configured by manual json files edition. Finally I gave a GUI to almost each setting. I know you guys don’t like GUI, but all the settings can still be edited with vim. :smiley:

Main window, custom style.css, custom light icons:

Preferences window:

Command edition form:

User rows edition form:

User buttons edition form:

Icons redefinition form:

This is all the code I had in mind, in version 0.0.1. I’m still waiting for my befriended graphics developer to draw better custom icons, but this may take ages.

The project is available here: https://github.com/nwg-piotr/nwgcc


Wow, nice @nwg

Available for testing, OP updated.


Top again @nwg

Development: playerctl-based mpris media player controller.



OK, the playerctl buttons added and seem to work well. No more ideas at the moment.


Wow, no stops in there @nwg


no stops in there

Except for the natural limitation: python performance. ATM the window needs half a second to open on my machine. Can’t add much more code.

Pretty fast in there !

Not really.

lol, it would take hours on one of my craptops !

My old testing laptop, dual core i3, needs over 700 ms every time. Quite a lot.

Still fast, my older one from 15 + years way too slow, tried to swap the disk to a ssd to no avail, an adapter s needed.