Nvme and installer

It is failing when trying to install, it adds a extra number to it for whatever reason.

Trying to test with f2fs,uefi,grub just not alot of luck yet.

On your issues @Rforrestjr , I would include results from Terminal, might help you out there.

Will do, this afternoon in meetings right now. What do we need form termail output?

Outputs from trying to install apps or upgrade attemps etc.

Cool, have a great day.

I can do it without the installed to test just not had time to do so. I like easy sometimes.

Lol, you bet, no worries.

Thinking about it, try this on your live session next time before attempting to install something:
In terminal:

pacman -Scc

Pcaman -Syyu

This will upgrade the live iso & then attempt to install the wanted app to see what it will do. Or if you want to install it on metal, do the same .

was just about to do that again, update the installer that is.

So far, will get other errors when installing grub posted later.

See the 11, it adds 1.

Oh wonder why it s doing this.

same here, I forgot how to pull the install log. Will look for that later too and post grub error too, i have to manually do the install do that point so bear with me.

I can confirm this bug. In my experience the installer was unable to determine the name of the nvme device name, I think it was missing the ‘p1’ part. I was able to partition manually but it was definitely confusing.

Yeah was going to do the same just not had the time to work though it.

This is a known issue and has been (mostly) resolved, however it won’t see stable for a bit.