Nvim on urxvt colors messed up

Using distro urxvt, I get messed up colors in nvim. I have not changed xresources at all.
On xterm, there is no problem. (nor is there any problem on any other terminal: st, tilix, xfce, terminator, sakura, tilda).

Any ideas why this happens? It is kinda like reverse-video.

No important, since (due to this) I hardly use urxvt. Only if someone already knows, pl. don’t spend any time on it.


That just looks like default urxvt to me.

Might also be due to not having true colour support from vim’s perspective. Try setting in your zshrc


That will force it to use the xterm terminfo

My urxvt has dark background. When I open vim w/ empty file, it retains that background (ie, everything seems normal). But nvim on a file shows up as the screenshot (sort of like reverse video). This only is happening w/ urxvt, not w/ xterm.
changing colorscheme does not help.

I have the TERM set in my zshrc.

Yea I’m not sure what’s going on but urxvt seems to be a mess, bad colours and non-standard (also segfaults on exit lol)