NSA's Encryption Algorithm in 4.17 Kernel

Interesting, is it just a matter of time?

I’m not paranoid or anything but I blacklisted this.

Who’s that watching me in the car out the front of the house?


Yes, interesting.
Yes, of course it’s just a matter of time. Isn’t everything? All we can do is try to keep pushing the date ahead as far as possible.
But why is Google coding for Linux Kernel? I thought Linus Torvalds was in charge of Linux Kernel? For anyone who is appalled at that thought- would you rather Google be in charge of it?
And why do i open Firefox on any given open-source distro, look at the bottom, and see “starting Google analytics”?

I have wanted Google out of my life since i watched an interview of one of their execs. The question was something like “Why do you want all that data? To what purpose? What does Google seek to become?” And the answer: “The mind of God.” No, lazy scientist that i am i cannot cite the source and date. But it was enough for me. Religious or not, it should be enough to worry us all!


If you want to run an operating system that is not written by major corporations then try OpenBSD :slight_smile:


@Head_on_a_Stick, thx for the link.

Well , it will be only some time & linux will be at the hands of big corporations , by being sponsored by them , you give them power to impose their views or whatever that is.

Sad to see that freedom gets hit again & again in almost every fields.


@Dobbie03 , Thx for that . It s a start .

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A car @Dobbie03, I have a black van in front of mine. :grin: But seriously, Google seems to always get the velvet glove with the government. When asked by senator Dennes (sic) why do they censor certain people and they wouldn’t answer, gave me the creeps. One has to wonder if some branch of government is using/helping Google with this. And I also heard somewhere that they are trying to make it so that man can merge with machines. I don’t know about you all, but being a Borg doesn’t sound like paradise to me.


Looks like they re hand in hand on loads of things sadly.

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Holy shit

Well, what are ya gonna do? I’m not going to let them ruin the experience and I’m not going anywhere, switching to OpenBSD or going back to a proprietary operating system. Period.

What’s interesting is that the Speck module has defaulted as off from kernel.org but Arch Linux has it turned on by default. Don’t ask me why.

I will anyways, it’s a damn good question… Why?

F*#k um, they can look all they wan’t. Short of war at this point, nothing I can do about the asshats anyways. The pace and direction of society and those in control are leading us toward a painful showdown in the not-so-distant future.

I wouldn’t trust Google to clean my septic tank. I’ve been a long time user of Chromium browser because 1. I had to for work and 2. because it’s just effective, efficient and works but I’ve been slowly migrating myself away from gmail, their browser and other google services.

Cripes! you can’t hide anywhere :angry:


Wow! Thanks, i had no idea. I’m not against major corporations in general. I am definitely against Google, and starting to wonder about some of the others you mention. It seems my processor may be vulnerable and/or reporting data no matter what OS i run. An update i just ran on another Linux distro included some tools to better communicate with my processor. Hmmm.

Whoever “they” are i hope they’re also investing in energy drinks cuz my data will be a real snoozer.

linux-zen :japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre:

what the hell does speck in linux-zen ??

^ This.

Modern x86 chips produced by Intel & AMD have so-called “management engines” — operating systems running inside your CPU controlled by the manufacturers:

ARM chips don’t appear to have such devices but the microachitecture is proprietary so we have no way of knowing for sure.

The future lies with true open-source hardware, such as RISC-V, for which Debian already has a nascent port.

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@billd you have heard of specter and meltdown haven’t you? If you don’t, here’s one of many articles on this subject:


That’s a good question @ector. May have to open it up and see what it is. I would copy it to say documents, then open it there and investigate.



Wonder if he would delete it if the computer would still be working.

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I don’t know @altman, but it is located in the linux kernel. Don’t know if that’s being used or it’s dormant until you encrypt your drive. That’s why I suggested copying to another directory like documents to investigate it without the possibility of messing up the disk or files.

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@sevenday4 , oh kapish , you know when you re an old fart, you don t understand at first !lol

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Well I have double trouble. I’m not just an old fart, but only have two brain cells. I pray that my brain cells won’t argue and jump out of each ear!:grin:

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I followed this advice on this forum:

I added the following line to /etc/pacman.conf just in case:

NoExtract = usr/lib/modules/*/kernel/crypto/speck.ko.xz

But I can confirm that I don’t see any other signs of Simon or Speck other than the header speck.h in /usr/lib/modules/4.17.2-1-ARTIX/build/include/crypto/

I don’t see a header for simon at all.

@sevenday4 , lol, you bad boy again.

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@ector , good tip in there mate.