flickering Dobbie03

Can’t work out how to sent you a message Dobbie.
Just wanting to know if you are see any flickering with lately, never seen this before. ?


Usually, you can just click on his profile & send a message. However, “Mona Dobbie” appears to have a private profile ATM.

Hang tight though as someone who uses will likely chime in soon.


Hey mate, not sure why you can’t PM but you can use the chat feature.

I am getting flickering with dunst when I have more than one notification on display. It started for me after I started using picom but since I see more than one notification once in a blue moon I just ignored it.


Same for me was just asking no biggie really. Thanks

Your profile comes up with ( This user’s public profile is hidden.) maybe am I not using massaging the right way. I can message Nate help’s keep my dribble of the forum. :upside_down_face:

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I only thought that changed my online presence, weird. Either way I have just sent you a chat message which you can reply to if you need help with anything.

Also I think it is a Dunst issue rather than the script itself.

Do the notifications flicker if you are not using picom?

@KoO are you using picom as well?


Yes Mate I use tryone version for the blur.

aur/picom-tryone-git 1477_Next.196.g9bb21fc_2020.09.16-1 (+6 0.75)

Also been playing around with Dobbie’s music conky had bad flicker their to, but fixed by adding Double buffer.

Not at all, and funny enough, if I trigger say 4 notifications the flickering stops.

Looks like an issue/incompatibility with picom.

You might be able to tweak the picom settings. Maybe check the FAQ on the picom site if they have one.


Hay try adding or changing to use-damage = false in picom.conf

You where right again just looking in the wrong place. Thanks

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No change there. I changed the backend from glx to xrender and that fixed dunst flickering with multiple notifications but also ruined my rounded corners.

Renabling glx and disabling vsync with vsync = false; fixed the issue.


Thanks Dobbie both fix the issue for me. I set my corner radius to 10% I like the fresh look. :+1:

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