November 2021 Screenshot Thread

Nice @chroot

There are some great layouts in the user contrib section of their site.

Was a little bored and wanted to check how this thing works. DK is till my daily driver. I prefer xcb-based wms.

This xmonad/haskell combo looks weird. I was surprised to see the huge VIRT memory footprint(1TB) from xmond and they claim it’s a “feature”. :grinning:

" * We have a shiny new two-step memory allocator for 64-bit platforms (see Trac #9706). In addition to simplifying the runtime system’s implementation this may significantly improve garbage collector performance. Note, however, that Haskell processes will have an apparent virtual memory footprint of a terabyte or so. Don’t worry though, most of this amount is merely mapped but uncommitted address space which is not backed by physical memory."

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Dang, that’s a “huge” feature.

Please continue in the December thread.

This year we also chose spruce. Just bought a small one.

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Nice tree there @nwg

Not yet. In the Polish tradition, the tree should be dressed on Christmas Eve. We usually do it earlier, on December 21 (for the birthday of our younger daughter).


Ah, makes sense, wasn t aware of these traditions, guess that each places have their own. We learn everyday as the saying goes !

Daughter will be happy !

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Yep, all my kids were born in December. Even from the 1st marriage.

Wow, what a timing ! One rarely sees that !

An expensive month it seems ! lol

Very true. I don’t really like winter, but having all the family under my own roof, even for several hours, is not bad.

Yep, it compensate a lot !

Oh, just noticed that we re in the wrong month s thread ! lol

Guys I know I am in the future but am I this far in the future LOL! You might be wanting the December thread :smiley:


Lol, guess that we screwed up !

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LOL There are much worse things to screw up than posting in the wrong thread :smiley:


Lol, you bet unless you re in some other forums !

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Yes, luckily you are here not there :smiley:

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lol, you bet my friend !

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