November 2020 Screenshot Thread

Continuation from October

Welcome to November. Hard to believe this crazy year is almost over. Awesome screenshots last month, extremely cool to see a lot of them of Nate’s wm, dk. Keep up the great work.

As usual:

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Yep , November already !

Ok I went all Unixporn with this on BL, and I can see why people prefer Arch for this stuff over Debian.


Nice shot again @drummer

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Thanks, I just followed a installation guide I saw on YouTube lol. I actually did most of it off a Git hub page, most of it compiled from source. I just wanted to get bspwm working on Bunsen lol. It does, but building this in Debian means there are probably packages that aren’t in the repo, and then it’s all kinds of build dependencies, like Rustup.

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Top job @drummer . Too much work for me ! lol

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My terminal was too dark in the earlier pic

and didn’t quite have the feng shui of it all lol.


Nice, some days are like that right ! lol

Testing dk under Debian buster:


Not sure about lemonbar though, the Debian package doesn’t have XFT support and my preferred clean bitmap font doesn’t have any bullet points (hence the blank gaps between the system information items).

tint2 works well though so I’ll probably switch to that instead.


Nice shot @Head_on_a_Stick

Same things,updated only.



Nice again @PackRat

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Top @Beast

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The first day of remote work. 2 emails and 0 phone calls from the office. One feature request to nwg-launchers implemented.


Nice shot, not too busy mate ! lol

Might not be the same in a few days.

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True. But we’re at the office in turns, every second day. Whatever I avoided today, will catch me tomorrow.

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You bet mate !