November 2018 Screenshot Thread


That is nice. Really nice.


Another info script.


Drive by posting. Had to replace a router today; at least I got a Black Friday coupon with it:

and some ArchLabs



aurafetch in Debian :slight_smile:


1rst time that I see an aurafetch on Debian ! Nicee.


Gotta say, it’s nice to see!



Very nice.


Looking good! I like the wp :smile:


Nice shot . Nice to see you !


like the window manager; hate the lua:


I want to like Awesome but its far too fiddly for my liking.


You win understatement of the week award:

pretty much done, set it up to use jgmenu from desktop or taskbar; maybe set up per-tag layouts:


It’s looking nice, and I do love a nice monochrome wallpaper!


Just noticed that you listen to some Pearljam, like that band @PackRat


That’s very nice


Playing around with a silly vaporwave look. Still got my old one saved for when I come to my senses :wink:


Outstanding! Love the bars.


And we got a winner! That looks fantastic! You should post your dots on this one!


Aww thanks babe! My dots are in my signature, or here. My colors are set in the .Xresources, and I’m using the Vapor theme currently :smiley: