November 2018 Screenshot Thread


Hi all! Such great pics this month — really amazed.

Wallpaper: Click Here


@dimaom and @McQ, epic shots dudes!


Nicee @McQ


Its been a while and I have a bit of to do, but its coming along…

Just got to work on dot files and figure some shit out, but Im glad to have AL installed and up and running again.

I lost all my config files a while back :frowning:

So Im just tweaking away at colours and fonts for all my apps and Ill worry about my gtk and window themes in the coming months.


Nice shot @philT . Yep been a while !


What is the quote generator you’re using?


Thanks @Dobbie03 and @altman !

@PackRat the quotes are provided by the Variety application.


No problem @McQ


Funny talk about the Linux


Playing Quake with vkquake




Dig it!


I’m not 100% set on the wallpaper. I like noisy papers, this one is too clean.


Come clean my house then. :grin:

What great work, keep up the fantastic job.
Not sure where you folks get all the time for this, but I enjoy every second of it. :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s not too labour intensive to change stuff up on my system. Only takes a few clicks etc.


Cool info script from @LionessAlana.


I’m really glad you like it! Minimalists represent!


Keeping it minimal and calm. Featuring aura, my tiny info script.


Nice shot in there @LionessAlana


Cool! Good work @LionessAlana.