November 2018 Screenshot Thread


I have been playing with Deadbeef even more, still not quite sure I like the layout. Polybar has made a return.

New Rofi theme

New Rofi Logout theme

Rofi’s edited from the originals here.



Top job again @Dobbie03


Cheers man!


Lol, no problem @Dobbie03


Apologies for spamming. Been really fine tuning the desktop today.

Back on Firefox and have Tab Side Tree all sorted out. I’ve set FF up to work like Qutebrowser. Vimium is a nice FF addon for that.

DeadBeef has had more changes.

Also figured out desktop sounds for events, volume makes the standard bubble/popping sound when adjusted and Teiler has the camera shutter sound for screenshots.


Nice man, happy to see you return to polybar.


Haven’t changed much, spending time with the fam but really love this wall made by @Booming

Desaturated and greyscale to better match the rest of my theme.


You bet, nicee right !


It’s an epic wall :+1:


Absolutely stunning! Love space-art, right up there with landscapes (real or otherwise).


Me too, @Booming did a fantastic job :slight_smile:



OK, I am now prepared to admit that I may have a ball problem :blush:


Oh, nicee @Head_on_a_Stick


Nice! :slight_smile:


Minor tweaks; latest psuinfo tint executors:

wallpaper is Earth as seen from Saturn; NASA Cassini photo.


Since 0.0.7-2 you can give them custom names. I like the wallpaper.


@Glenn, thanks man. Nice screenshot there.

Saturn seems to be a popular choice at the moment.

@Head_on_a_Stick, leave your balls alone. If you play with them too much they will fall off!


still barless, dunst with time/battery notification
elinks with openbsd virtualization faq


Nicee @dimaom


@PackRat I’ve seen that photograph, awe inspiring and really puts things in perspective.