November 2018 Screenshot Thread


^ Those look really good. You actually make a set of png files? I could probably find some time to test them out.


Top job again @nwg


Nicee @Negata @PackRat


Already in AUR, v. 0.0.4-1. I’ll update README in a minute.


Looking good!!


Wow, some epic screenshots etc going on.


My selfmade font started to look nice


Nice shot in there @Addy


Choppers in the Void :sunglasses:
Void linux kernel 4.19.2_1

really pops with redshift



Sorry for the same picture in two threads. The latest Openbox setup (selection) with some description.


Man I love the look of dwm.

Don’t worry about that, at least you are contributing in some way :smiley:
Those executors are coming along nicely.




I found an old netbook in my daughter’s room: Samsung n145 plus. Intel Atom N455 / 1.66 GHz (1 core, 2 threads), 1 GB RAM, 1024 x 600 display. Not really strong enough to run Chromium, but ArchLabs got installed with no single hiccup. :slight_smile:


Nice job @nwg , nice to see that AL s working on older hardware as well.


Wow! It still must be painfully slow?


The slowest app I launched was Chromium, on some pages useless at all. GIMP needs a minute to open a screenshot. Actually this computer was useless from the very beginning, coming with Windows 7 starter, though I used it as a notepad with LibreOffice years ago. When I’m really bored, I’ll try to find a lightweight browser.


I’m posting this from Surf, you could try that?
Windows on any computer is useless anyway! :slight_smile:


I will as I’m back at my desk. Thanks!


Back to an old Deadbeef layout with a few changes. Same wallpaper. The bar is i3blocks, this autohides and is called by holding the Alt key.


Nice scrot