November 2018 Screenshot Thread


Nicee @subjunkie


The icons are suru-plus-aspromauros-git


i3blocks is nice isn’t it. More versatile that i3status.



Playing with my balls again :slight_smile:

The white plastic ball is a blend of white & red using the Debian swirl as a template.

The wallpaper was rendered using Mitsuba and this scene description file:

^ That file calls up swirl.png for the Debian image, that can be replaced with an ArchLabs logo PNG if required.

The image was generated from scratch entirely on the command line using vim & mitsuba.


Top job again @Head_on_a_Stick


I knew I lost my marbles some where! @Head_on_a_Stick can you please send them back to me? :joy::joy:


Perhaps this should ALSO be posted in “What are you listening to”
Of course, you might need this :wink:


@subjunkie, its a nice wall though I have changed since that.

@PackRat, yeah it is a nice change. I like it a lot.


That looks great. What panel are you using?


That is an FvwmButtons panel. Swallowed FvwmIconMan, Desktop indicator from the default Fvwm panel, and FvwmScript for a clock.


That’s slick. I was rolling something similar 10 years ago. If you could hook me up with the swallowed fvwm buttons modules and pager config I’d be keen on using it.


My current focus policy doesn’t play nicely with other panels and docks. A native solution would probably solve all those problems.

Actually your whole config would be great. I’m digging your color sets . Would match my Gmail theme great.


I’ll get my GitHub updated tomorrow.



thanks bud


no problem

back on topic:


Great looking scrots fellas !


Messing around with tint2 and executors.

bspwm, tint2 panel of: jgmenu launcher, executors (desktop, psuinfo), battery, system tray and clock. No taskbar, not very useful with a tiling wm:

Getting info aligned was hit and miss, but would probably look pretty good with some patience and planning.


Some good looking scrots there @PackRat


I have only added two modules to Polybar to see my public and local IP and a cool wallpaper



Gave up on trying to align things - too much effort, too little gain. New game plan; since bspwm is interactive, adding bspwm commands to the executors:

that shows more promise.


Shame that you like so minimalist desktop. Who’s gonna test my new icons? :wink: