November 2018 Screenshot Thread


Looks impressive!


thanks -

Your AUR package installed without a hitch -


It’s simple enough to leave no way to screw it up. :wink: Another nice desktop, by the way.


Clean as clean can be :smiley:


A couple of changes, revisiting an old conky and swapped Polybar for i3blocks and new GTK theme.


Just havin a bit of fun w/qrencode :wink:


LOL Awesome QR. :smiley:


Randomly came across the most perfect wallpaper to match my new theme.

Image here.

Still trying to get i3blocks/i3bar to play nicely. But its almost there.


Nicee @Dobbie03 , @chris60601


Super slick Matt, really loving that.


@altman and @Glenn, thanks dudes.


No problema el Dobbie.


Agreed - that is one sweet theme. I’m torn though between i3blocks and polybar. I mean, the default with AL/i3 is by far the finest looking bar (out of the box and minimalist) but sometimes, I do like the way i3blocks looks and feels. I dunno - I find myself flipping between the two from time to time. LOL
but yeah - diggin this one mate!


Thanks for that. I’m liking the simplicity of i3blocks. No doubt I will go back to Polybar but at the moment I am liking the change.


Archlabs Openbox


^ What icon set is that?


I’d like to know this, too!


Very nice! Love me some Sleep!


Nice new wall -> reddit: I see, Dobbie has the same. :open_mouth:


Nicee out there @robabo