November 2018 Screenshot Thread


Same old stuff from me. Pretty happy with my setup overall.

Photo by Da Kraplak on Unsplash



@Negata Beautiful wall.

@sevenday4 Looking good man :slight_smile:


Thanks @Glenn ! It is a Magical forest in Spain


Nicee @Negata


Wow! That’s really cool. I wouldn’t mind visiting that forest. It would be like getting in touch with my Spaniard heritage. Good one @Negata!


The whole north of the peninsula is this nice. Whenever I can I travel to those woods. I’m from the center, where the landscapes are drier


Same thing, new wall. Or an old wall. I took that picture a few years ago. @PackRat just finished that deadline at work so I’ll be getting you that FVWM config soon.


Default AL live session. Needs to resize my LUKS partition to get free space for experiments. Live image with gparted saves me again.


Nice Dark theme in there @dimaom




@cog - thanks
@dimaom - nice

been ripping some music; getting kind of weird, me and my 13 year old now like some of the same music.


Pearl Jam? Nice 1.


indeed, their unplugged concert on MTV a while back.

back on topic -

been checking out some different rofi themes.


New ArchLabs Wallpapers

Love me some qps!!!


Nice scrots in there fellas.


@PackRat you can check my FVWM config on bit bucket now for those windecs



Wallpaper and window decor change:


openbox with tint2 -

using psuinfo for tint2 executors (UP, MEM, CPU).; have to copy those over to ArchLabs install after I fix my truck window.