November 2018 Screenshot Thread


@PackRat its from Battlefield 5.

@m00n, here you go


Here’s a nice little screenshot :wink:


lol, remember watching this show. Nice @chris60601


Same BL scrot apart from being updated.


MPD has been a real pain in my arse lately so I am back to Audacious.


@Dobbie03 Matt, awesome as always :slight_smile:

@Negata, @PackRat and @nwg really nice fellas!


Thanks @Glenn, I try :smiley:


thanks -

wallpaper change, configured a taskbar and jgmenu:

@dobbie03 - thanks


I like that. fvwm seems interesting.


Configuration is the ultimate time sink, but you can make it look pretty much however you want.

ArchLabs + Fvwm (work in progress):

Using xfce4-panel for now.


fresh archlabs install :heart_eyes:

xfce desktop :heart_eyes:



Nicee @mrneilypops , @PackRat


Where are you getting these monochrome / bw wallpapers?

cleaned it up:

i3 - backing up files to ArchLabs nfs server:


Nicee @PackRat . Lots of installs !


Very pretty, that wall on the bottom is gorgeous.


Praugue - Czech Republic; beautiful city if you’ve never been there.

The Astronomical Clock is most impressive -


well I did a few changes, it’s out of this world! Yes I am a space cadet!:grin:


Nicw scrot in ther @sevenday4 @PackRat


Pretty cool @PackRat. I would have to study that clock to figure out how to read all its info. :thinking:


It’s worth reading about; some people consider that clock (originally built in 1410) the first planetarium.

back on topic - minor tweaks, set up some default grid layouts: