November 2018 Screenshot Thread


I have 2 - 1080p monitors, one of which I use in portrait orientation, so internally the Xscreen is 3000x1920 but really only 75% of that is used as viewportout/visible. Just set it all up a few days ago so I’m still getting used to it myself.


Holiday season ahead


Nicee @dimaom . My little 9 yo nephew would like !


That’s a really nice setup


@Dobbie03 @Negata @philT @PackRat @LionessAlana @altman

Thank you all!!


Thank you.


The same, but with a few minor modifications from here


I love your whisker menu theme, wow! Looks so good!


Nicee little tweaks in there @Negata


Thanks! It’s one of the nicest and easiest menu to use. I’m using the Nautica gtk3 theme though it’s not complete.


Good effort this month!

On to December and Christmas/New Years.