November 2018 Screenshot Thread



Nicee @InvisibleRasta


@InvisibleRasta this looks really nice! I love the wallpaper! Would you mind linking it?


the wallpaper is preinstalled with archlabs or some package in the archlabs repository… the audio thingie is an extra program that needs configuration. it is a music visualizer thingie


Ahh, it’s probably already on my system then. Yeah, I recognise the visualiser. Glava or something, yeah?


yes, only thing it disables the openbox right click menu on desktop… still didnt figure out how to configure that


I’m not gonna fall for that one.


@Negata and @subjunkie, epic scrots guys.


Same as usual for me, though I thought I’d try out a light GTK theme for a few days.


A light theme? You’re gonna get lynched by dark theme zealots :wink:
It looks good though!


I hope I don’t!

Thanks though. :slight_smile:


Clean and nice. I like it


My workflow for today, featuring some needless flair for sexiness. :wink:


Good mix of colors @LionessAlana. It’s very cool!


X sure is a weird beast :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang what’s your resolution? It looks good, nice wall!


i think its like my desktop’s 2560x1440.


Is that 15 pieces of Flare?!?!


It is boring today, so i post another boring one.


Nice & dark @subjunkie


awesome window manager. Using the psutil tint2 executors in tmux -