November 2018 Screenshot Thread


Cool! Will probably “borrow” some of your ideas. Again, great job @LionessAlana.


You’re more than welcome to steal the whole setup if you like :joy:


Spammin’ the thread with one more:


Thanks Pack, where can I redeem this voucher?


:joy: good luck with that @Dobbie03!


Nice set-up there, love the colours :star_struck:


Same set up. Just change the colors a bit. Yeah, I am not very creative at the moment. lol




I like polybar in AL @subjunkie


Nicee @LionessAlana


Try the Arch forum.


lol, good luck on that one.


Looks nice!


What window decorations are you using with that openbox theme (or the theme itself)?


@PackRat It is my “own” theme. Look here: or search the forum here. AL-Raven.

Window decorations are stolen from here:


@subjunkie Great job, as always, and thanks for sharing


The wallpaper I took from the forum. In the second screenshot appears a chat telegram-cli with a conversation of two smoked guys who are programming :blush:

(Have I ever apologized for how badly I write in English? Sincere apologies. Every day I try to improve it a little without crazy translators)


It`s a pleasure!


Looks good, and there’s no need to apologise for your English :slight_smile:

Your aura edits look really cool babe!


Looks great @Negata , as @LionessAlana stated above, no need to apologise about your English, pretty understandable on my end.


Top job again @subjunkie