Nouveau driver

Hello again Archlabbers!
I have been running Archlabs on an old workstation with nvidia geforce 7100 card (nvidia-304xx-driver) but now Arch Linux is leaving the older cards behind. Very sad indeed! I am now using nouveau-driver and desktop is painfully slow. Every move is in slow-motion! Anybody with the same experience? I have been lookin for ways to tune nouveau but everywhere I read about it everybody is so satisfied with nouveau! Are there ways to tune nouveau for smoother desktop?


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I know you’ve been struggling with that system lately @womp. A hardware guru I’m not but hang in there buddy and I’m sure someone better qualified will lend a hand soon :slight_smile:

Arch may have stopped carrying the nvidia-304xx-driver package, but you should still be able to get the nvidia driver straight from the nvidia website, unless they have dropped support for the card. You will need to follow the install instructions for Linux, and possibly make a few configuration changes. However, you will have the driver and no the nouveau driver. The other option is to try the BumbleBee package. Sometimes it can have better support than the standard nouveau driver.

Thanks for suggestion! I guess BumbleBee is in Arch repo. I will try nvidia-site first.


Hi again!
I started to look at bumblebee because it is in repo. The problem is that I need to have and install nvidia-304xx in order to install bumblebee so that is out of the question.
Nvidia’s own drivers on their site next. I started with reading. I had to kill x-server in order to install. I stopped lightdm.service and did a reboot. From tty I tried to install but even though I followed instructions to the letter the driver would not build against arch-kernel! I tried 3 times and read som more (thought I missed something). Resulted in a messed up system. Maybe I can save it but with nouveau as only option it’s not so much to save!
Instead i have installed Archlabs on an old MacBookpro 8,1 (2011-2012 with a busted keyboard, I use an external usb-keyboard). Did it last night and installed macbook-kernel form aur! (took 10 hours!) It now runs very well! I did have som trouble with wireless but now that works (hopefully after next reboot).
I think I will have to install something else on the old workstation!


It was worth the effort to try. Future note, you need not stop the *dm.service to do the graphic driver installs. Often all you need to do, is modify the runtime level or init level. This is done in Arch derivatives, by modifying the kernel line at boot time. At the end of this line, all you need add, is the number 3, and press F10 to continue to boot. Doing this will automatically place you in multi-user terminal mode, with networking. For the most part this only applies to Arch derivatives, so don’t expect this method to work on every other distro.

It was absolutely worth the try! I am dissappointed that I have to rule out Archlabs (or any Arch for that matter) on my old workstation!
Archlabs fits very well on my old MacBookPro! Wireless is working well now! Installed mtrack-git instead of synaptics and now trackpad works as it should without any configuration!
Bluetooth is the only thing that doesn’t work well so far.


I have a question, it may be a silly one but it may jar an idea. I have a nvidia geforce 8400 gs on my computer. I also have to use a legacy driver which happens to be nvidia-340xx. The question I have is, did you also install nvidia-340xx-utils and lib32-nvidia-340xx-utils as well. This may help a little. With macbook it could be a little dicey. But otherwise you may have to use nouveau like @AvnSgt has suggested.

MacBookPro 8,1 (13" late 2011) has Intel gpu. Everything is working great now on this oldie. Had some trouble with wifi earlier. Could not get Broadcom-wl-dkms to work properly. It worked sometimes but sometimes not so had to go with b43. With b43 I only get 2mbits/s but it works and is trustworthy.
I have Nvidia geforce 7100 on my old workstation and I run Debian stretch and Debian testing (with Nvidia-304-dkms, works great) on that now. There is no point running Arch or Archlabs with gui. Took 1 minute so move a window over the screen. Painful.


Understood, glad that at least you have something working for your display. As I said earlier, macbook pro can be dicey. But, once you get things working, you get this sense of victory. And yes, it can be a very painful experience! But we have a bunch of great people who will gladly help you if you need it. Sometimes, we have to throw several ideas out and hope for the best. A lot of the times, the solution is there right off the bat. Sometimes, it takes several different tools. And, unfortunately, although very rare, there isn’t a solution, but a work around. So, if we can help you further, or if you can help or have a suggestion, this is the perfect platform for it. God bless.

Thanks but for now I am satified with Archlabs on my old mbp. Very fast now here!
I will look into this matter later on and give Archlabs another try on the workstaiton!