Not sure why Distrowatch made a comment about us moving to Bitbucket?

It’s not really a news worthy thing…it’s not like we are Ubuntu.

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Well it’s the reason I’m trying out ArchLabs…
so maybe just see it as free publicity :slight_smile:


Good call!

Ill drink to that.

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Guess it s a good thing, it gets some attention somehow.

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You could email them saying you own Archlabs and was wondering where they got their information. (TMZ, Access Hollwood, :slight_smile: )

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Didn’t DW recently refer to BL as being the new ‘owners’ of CrunchBang or was that another write up?

No, that was in the CrunkBong homepage:

EDIT: I should submit a PR to change the wording, I think the person knows me so they may be OK with that…

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Yes, thank you @Head_on_a_Stick that’s exactly what I was thinking of.

Ah I did make a blog post about it, but never expected little old AL to make head lines at Distrowatch :smiley: