Not able to install ArchLabs on a VirtualBox VM. Reboots back to the installer

I have tried thrice now to install ArchLabs on a VirtualBox VM machine. My host OS is Manjaro, fully updated. I completed every step of the installation and got to the last page and chose the ‘finish : reboot and exit installer’ option. The VM reboots, and I am back to the first BootUp screen, giving me the option to insall AL again. I have repeated this process in hope of fixing whatever was the issue, but to no luck. I have chosen the automatic partitioning option. The RAM assigned to the VM is 4GB and 20GB of space. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Did you kick the ISO out of the virtual CDRom of Virtualbox, after install?

Right click on the Virtualbox image after install is complete, and unmount the CD:


I did not do this as I have never done this before while making VMs. Anyways, the remove option is greyed out for me. The machine is powered off. What should I do?

So I think I have managed to remove that attachment after finding it in the settings tab. Now, when I started the VM, I was given the option to start AL. But this doesn’t start the setup that I made. It shows
archlabs login : root (automatic login)

This is the prompt.
I had made a bspwm install, and that isn’t loading either.

On step 9 of the installation process, Select Window Manager, or Desktop, you have to choose not only your wm, (with space to have a star next to it):

but after pressing OK, also choose your login manager on the next screen:

The first option is xinit, if you want a graphical season manager, choose some of the other options, like lightdm, or sdm

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I don’t think I got this option. Should I be getting this screen. After choosing bspwm, it immediately went to the next step.

I think you have to have the option to select the season/login manager for sure. Maybe try the install again?

If you choose xinit,

you then have to type bspwm to lauch it. Try that.

You likely did not select anything, Space to toggle options, Enter to confirm selection.

Looks like the prompt from the ISO image.

Use this to check if you’re running “live”:

grep loop /proc/self/mounts && echo Live || echo Installed

If that command outputs “Live” then mount the EFI system partition and copy grubx64.efi to the removable loader location:

mount /dev/sdXY /mnt
cp /mnt/EFI/archlabs/grubx64.efi /mnt/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI

Use parted --list to identify the EFI system partition, it will have the “boot, esp” flags applied.

If you’re not booting the VM in UEFI mode then disregard this advice.

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Thanks for the replies!

I’ll try reinstalling once again. I’ll get to this point and update you with what I see.

Ok so 5th time lucky, I guess. Turns out I really wasn’t getting the prompt to select the login manager. Don’t know what I was doing wrong. I clearly remember pressing space to choose bspwm and not getting the prompt for a login manager on my previous attempts. On this try, I got the options, and was able to pick one. Everything worked as expected after that.

Oh well, thanks everyone for your time and help!